Managing your Marketing

The Marketing department can be an area of the business which is often overlooked or neglected completely. Marketing is the inspiration behind your company sales, and failure to produce an effective marketing strategy can negatively impact sales on a large scale. Hiring a creative and dynamic marketing team is not always easy, and the people that you do employ may need to receive support from somewhere. What IT should they use? What strategies are particularly effective in your industry? All of these perfectly natural questions are not easily answerable by Managing Directors and Chief Executive Officers, especially if they do not have a Marketing background. So, where could Marketing employees go to receive support?


Antiquarian Book News are marketing experts, and are passionate in providing support to a multiple selection of businesses within a wide range of industries. We have been the inspiration behind marketing campaigns that have transferred SME companies into multi-national corporations, who now trade on the stock market! We are the only ones who offer personal and precise advice – tailored to the needs of your business. It would not be wise for us to tell you what you are doing wrong over the phone – it makes a lot more sense for us to meet with you and observe your marketing team’s working practice in the office. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone today, to arrange a free consultation.


What we do


Antiquarian Book News travel around the UK, looking at the marketing strategies of businesses everywhere. We sympathise with businesses who think that they have tried everything to generate more leads and boost the reputation of the company, without success. However, one thing we can promise you here, is that they will not have tried everything! For every marketing dilemma, there is a marketing solution just waiting to be found. We want to work with you, to find that solution – winning you the business you crave whilst making obscene amounts of profit in the process!


During our consultation meeting, we like to get a good understanding for the kind of business that you are, and what your key aims are for the marketing projects you are working on. Maybe you just want to generate leads for your salesman? Perhaps you are targeting more on the end user, and want to know how to communicate with them directly? For all of the many requirements that you may have, Antiquarian Book News will have had experience in dealing with them all. We can help train you on the special types of language that you need to use for each of your target demographic.


Not only do we offer a training service for your marketing department, but we also carry out marketing projects for a number of businesses around the UK. Of course, we have to keep the details confidential, in order to preserve our existing agreements. However, because of the expertise we are lucky enough to have within the business, we are confident that our marketing projects will create the desired impact that you require it to, allowing you to focus your attention on turning those new batch of leads into sales!


Where we differ from our competitors, is in our desire to help you succeed. Not only will we assist you with your marketing strategies, but we also check to see that our recommendations have been successful. After the marketing project has completed, we leave it 6 months before calling you to find out how successful it became.


If you are not satisfied with the results, these can be discussed and the reasons it was unsuccessful investigated. We will then work with you for a second time to achieve the required results, and if we admit that anything we did was a mistake, we will do so free of charge. This is our guarantee of quality. We are as passionate about you receiving the desired results as you are!


In addition to the personal service we offer, we have also written a number of pieces of literature, to help you create the right marketing strategy for your campaign. When you place an order with Antiquarian Book News, you will receive the literature electronically. Keeping literature with advice is a great way of retaining the information that we give you. If you ever forget some of the details or strategies that we discussed, you can always look them up in the relevant section. Our literature covers topics such as ‘using the right language,’ ‘where to market your sale’ and ‘converting leads into sales.’ Written with the user in mind, we are confident that you will receive the answers to any queries you have – quickly and easily.

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