03 FebIs HR Certification Training Worth it?

Getting any type of professional certification is not easy. However, it is necessary for anyone who wants to advance in his/her career. Having HR certification training is considered as an advantage and sets a person apart as someone who is competent in his/her job. Certification also has benefits to the company. Certification and training provide a benchmark of skills recognized throughout the organization.

Benefits for the organization

HR Certification TrainingA company survey shows that almost 50% of the employees who have inadequate training leave their job within a year. They say that their lack of training is one of the principal reasons why they choose to move on.

Companies should also consider the cost of turnover. If an organization does not have enough employees, the productivity rate decreases and profit can also decline. The current employees may be compelled to work longer hours, which can affect their morale. In order to find new suitable employees, companies have to spend time to screen and interview applicants. After hiring new employees, the company has to spend valuable resources in training them. The total cost of staff turnover piles up.

Companies can take the initiative and enlist their employees for HR certification training. These will also benefit the individuals and whole company in the long run once the employees start to apply what they have learned in the training.

People with certification and training are generally more productive and can meet the high standards of the company. Studies and surveys show that employees who have certifications can drastically reduce downtime because they have the necessary skills to cope with any issue that may arise. They can also implement programs with efficiency.

Training and certification increases job satisfaction. Most employees are not only interested in getting pay check. They also want a job that can help them learn new skills and increase their professional competence. Employees become more engaged in the company’s process.

Lastly, employees who have the right certification reflect well on the company. It shows customers that the organization has successfully undergone rigorous assessment and their process has met a defined standard. It shows that the system implemented by the company is functional and fully developed. This enables customers to trust the company fully.

Benefits for individuals

People with HR certification training are more likely to get hired. Survey showed that hiring managers believe that people with adequate training are more productive than others. Having HR certification training can also help you earn more. Almost half of the employees who gained their certification were able to qualify for a pay raise.

Training also helps connect you with other professionals. This can help expand your network and helps you get recognized in other organizations as well.

Training greatly improves employee’s efficiency and flexibility. What you learn in training is not only applicable in the human resource department. Some of the training also involves skills that you can use in customer service, operations and administration. Training can also keep you focused on your job and will also help promote team spirit especially when you can help others with your newly acquired knowledge.

Sending employees on HR certification training is a great opportunity to improve productivity. Once the employees become successful in implementing human resource projects and programs, it can also affect the entire organization including other employees and customers as well.

The time and money involved in the training program should be treated as an investment rather than an expense. Remember that training and certification ensures that the company has productive and qualified employees. The benefits of the certification training will affect both the individual employees and the entire company as well.

07 JanNursing Mothers and HCG

Thanks to the effectiveness of the diet plan, HCG has fans all over the world. This reputation is a result of word of mouth publicity rather than the ad campaigns, which the corporate world seems enamored with. This popularity has led to a dramatic increase in the number of woman choosing HCG to shed their pregnancy fat. This diet can effectively reduce the weight irrespective of the woman’s breastfeeding of her child. Actually there are two groups which argue on the pros and cons of breastfeeding during dieting. It all boils down to the choice of the dieter to continue to breastfeed even while dieting.

1hcgdropsHCG is one of the hormones which are naturally found in pregnant women. This makes it perfectly safe to be added externally via drops or injections. According to one group, the child is already habituated to the HCG in the woman’s body while in the womb. This makes breast feeding for the child relatively safe and easy. As the hormone is a part of natural design of a pregnant woman, this hormone will not have any adverse effect on the child. The other researchers believe that transferring such a hormone through breast milk might adversely affect the health of the child.

There are many people who stress on the fact that a nursing woman needs more nutrients than someone who doesn’t nurse her child. This makes the situation a precarious one as the HCG is a low calorie diet, hence the less calorie intake. Although the HCG has properties which reduce the appetite of the user, the need to eat and improve one’s body is due to the nursing of the child. Because the woman nurses the child, the nutrients are supplied via the breast milk itself. This milk can provide complete nourishment only if the mother is healthy.

The nursing mother must take the advice of a practicing physician before deciding to enroll for the HCG diet plan. If the physician is in agreement for using these supplements, the mother can take them along with her normal food to retain her health. The limit of calorie intake is relaxed from 500 to 800 calories in order to make the diet easier on the woman’s body. Should the physician advice the woman not to use the HCG diet plan, the suggestion should not be ignored. HCG can be taken up at any point of time in the future. This diet will have the same effect if followed in the future as it has now.

02 JanBasic Information on Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage? This is the method of communicating and distributing information using playback of various digital content through LED/LCD screen/s placed in a specific or multiple locations. The digital content that are shown on digital displays may include advertisements, menus, schedule of events, and all types of information. The screens or displays can be as big as digital billboards to smaller monitors. These are usually found in busy commercial streets, entertainment places, hotels, restaurants, and even big corporations and institutions. This is a fast emerging communication medium replacing motionless and static signage like posters and tarpaulin billboards.

Digital SignageWhat are the uses of Digital Signage? This is used for wayfinding, exhibitions, information dissemination, marketing, and outdoor advertising. It is now most commonly used for out of home advertising/outdoor advertising. Unlike televisions, newspapers, or internet advertising, these are seen by people while “on the go”. This is used in hotels and big companies. When you are usually in the lobby of big hotels, you may not watch a regular TV program being shown on the flat LCD screen. You can instead watch information and advertisements about the hotel. This is also used by airports to keep passengers updated and informed on flight schedules. Restaurants use it to present their menus for the day.

What is Digital Signage Hardware? When you set up or create communication through digital displays, you need to have the needed hardware. Your hardware would consist of your digital screens or LCD/LED displays. Your digital displays must also have built-in covers for protection. Hardware includes your network cables and your computers or laptops. This is important because this is where you need to install the software to use in creating your content. A media player that supports high definition audio and video is needed for a good quality of playback.

What is communication content? These are all the information that are shown and presented on the digital displays. How you create and assemble the content of your digital display is very important. It should be attractive, informative, timely, well-organized, and easy to understand, to easily capture the attention of your audience. Otherwise, it is useless to use your digital displays. These are the texts, graphics, pictures or images, videos and audios that you incorporate together in your communication lay-out. The content may also include live video streaming from various websites, and RSS feeds. This is the over- all message you want to convey to your target audience.

What is Digital Signage software? This is the software or application you need to download and install in your computer for you to be able to easily create and manage your digital content or communication content. The software will have templates and different lay-outs for you to choose from for a better and easier presentation of whatever information you need to be displayed. This is what you use to put together videos, musical background, graphics and images to create an advertisement or an event presentation. This would allow you to edit and update what are displayed on the display screens.

You can learn more about digital hardware and software online. There are many sites that offer software that you can use to create your digital content. One online site that is highly recommended for your Digital Signage Software is Mediasignpro. It has developed software exclusively for MAC operating systems. The software is proven and tested to be user friendly so that even beginners who do not have any background in creating digital displays can use it. There are also new improvements and additions to the software based on helpful feedback coming from customers, making it the best software compared to others.


02 JanOdd Requests Given to Funeral Homes

Funeral homes have received various odd requests for funeral services. Some have been requested by the deceased before their death, and some have been initiated by family and friends. They choose to make the last days of their deceased loved one unique and memorable, and so what harm will it do to conduct a one-of-a-kind funeral service, right?

Read and see how some individuals chose to be remembered during their last days.

The Man Who Rode His Motorcycle

funeral homesPrior to being murdered in April 2010, David Morales Colon, a 22-year-old man had told his family that he didn’t prefer the traditional casket. The family, in return, coordinated with the Marin Funeral Home for David to wear biking gear and placed on his Honda CBR600 as his friends and family paid their last respects.David’s corpse wore blue jeans together with a riding jacket, off to ride at a great speed down a long and winding road.

The Murdered Boxer Against the Corner

Christopher Rivera Amaro, even in death, still looked ready to box.

His wake was held in February 2014 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He posed afoot wearing on his head a yellow hood. He also had sunglasses covering his eyes as well as blue boxing gloves over his hands.

The family wanted to emphasize his boxing, so the funeral homes suggested that he be put inside the ring.

The Man Who So Loved his Harley

Some people get so attached to the objects they own. In the case of Billy Standley, his family carried out his wish of being buried while riding his 1967 Harley Davidson motorcycle on the 31st of January, 2014. They hauled a large Plexiglas casket with Billy and his Harley inside.

Billy’s family narrated how Billy had been talking about being buried riding his motorcycle. He even had joy in taking people to his garage to show people the one-of-a-kind casket his sons had created for him.

Billy said he not only wanted to ride off to heaven, but he also wished for people to see him inside the big transparent box.

Christmas-Themed Funeral Service

Funeral homes are supposed to provide quiet times as family and friends mourn for their loved ones. One funeral home based on Dallas, Texas had a different perspective, though.

A man who loved the Christmas season had Christmas-themed funeral services; there were reindeers, dancing, snow, and even a coffin situated on a sleigh.

These family gatherings had a couple of problems regarding the preparation, though. For example, an employee of the funeral home declined to play a part in the services – particularly to wear a gingerbread head – but the relatives were still grateful that the services went along just fine.

He Wishes to Stand Tall

The 24-year-old Angel Pantoja Medina was given a special embalming treatment so he can stand upright for his three-day wake. He wore sunglasses as well as a New York Yankees cap while his family, friends and relatives mourned for him inside their living room.

Carlos, his brother, said that Angel wanted to stand and to be happy. This arrangement was done to fulfill Angel’s last wish. After all, this could be the least they can do after Angel was found under a bridge dead in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was buried 3 days after.

You may find these arrangements coordinated to funeral homes funny, odd, and unique. It may not be the traditional funeral service you’re used to seeing, and may appear humorous to some, but to the deceased’s family members, this is their best option so they can honor their loved ones and give their final respects.

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From traditional funeral services followed by burial or cremation to the simplest of memorial services, gentrygriffey.com can take to burden off of your hands and assist you in arranging flowers, catering, and cemetery arrangements, as well as markers and monuments.

01 JanCommon Terminologies Associated with Printed Circuit Board

It takes a real technology geek to understand terms pertaining to printed circuit board. For the not-so-nerdy type, the following are some terms encountered when talking about PCBs.

• Annular ring – defined as the copper around a plated through hole in a PCB. Correct width of the annular ring should be obtained in considering the design and the purpose of the PCB.

• DRC – means design rule check. A standard operating procedure in which a particular software checks the design for any errors. Drill holes that are way too small are considered errors by the software.

printed circuit board• Drill hit –like a target, the drill hit places the design on the printed circuit board where a hole should be drilled through. Erroneous drill hits caused by dull bits are one of the many issues encountered in electronic manufacturing.

• Finger – finger refers to the uncovered metal pads along the edge of a PCB. These exposed metal pads could be felt by one’s fingers. The main purpose of a finger is to make a connection between two circuit boards. Cartridge-based video games from long ago commonly have this feature.

• Pad –is a piece of exposed metal found on the surface of the substrate in which electrical components are attached to.

• Paste stencil –is a thin plastic or metal put on top of substrate that serves as a guide in where the solder paste (molten metal) should be deposited in the right place on the board.

• Pick-and-place –is the method in which the electric components are placed on the printed circuit board. The process could be manual or automatic.

• Plane –also called as pour. This is a continuous pool of copper guided by borders rather than by a specific pathway.

• Pogo pin –like a pogo stick, the pogo pin has springs and a pointed tip. Its purpose is to make temporary connection for testing or when programming a PCB.

• Reflow –the process in which the solder is melted using intense heat. Reflowing creates the communicating joints between pads and electronic component leads.

• Silkscreen –any marks (letters, numbers, symbols) seen on a printed circuit board that gives that particular PCB its own unique identification.

• Slot –refers to any shape of a hole in a board which is not circular.

• Solder paste – minute ball-like solders suspended in a gel medium which are placed on mount pads of a board before placing the components. The solder in the paste will eventually melt, making electrical connections between the components and the mount pads.

• Solder mask –also called as resist; is a layer of insulating materials made to protect all the metal parts of a PCB against rust and cracking. It is also very useful in preventing short-circuits. Although usually seen in color green, soldermarsk could also be colored red, purple, yellow or white.

• Solder jumper – a small, unnecessary drop of solder in between pins on a circuit board. This could cause pins to interact thus creating short-circuit.

• V-score– an outline of a partial cut through a circuit board, letting the board to be easily snapped along a line. Seen on large PCBs that need to be cut into individual PCBs.

These terms are just some of the mindboggling words you will encounter when talking to technology experts. Because the world is depending so much on technology, the day when we will need to talk to a technology wizard is probably near. Armed with these terminologies, we could at least understand the beauty of technology. Making a PCB is a precise and accurate science; a slight mistake could lead to bigger problems. Steady hands and calm nerves will also help in the process.

31 DecUnderstanding the Features of a Golf Ball

Golf balls are not just small, dimpled white balls hit across a golf course. Their size, composition, structure, and surface features determine how far they soar into the air and how well they roll across the green. Golf is not all about the clubs and how well the golfer swings. It’s about the ball, too.

Balls used in golf have a unique appearance. Anyone who sees a small, white ball that is heavy and with dimples on the surface knows that it’s a golf ball, but not everyone knows or understands what those dimples are for. In fact, only a few know and understand the structure of these balls and how they affect someone’s golf game. If you want to know more visit Rockbottomgolf.

Ball Specifications

Gulf BallsThe physics of a golf ball determines its performance. There is the concept of lift, drag and ballistics among other considerations. Golf balls are more than just small white balls. A ball’s structure and composition affect how it performs, how it soars, and how it rolls. The features are so important that the USGA (United States Golf Association) has set standards on ball construction and specifications in order to regulate designs and construction. The specifications are as follows:

•   The weight should not exceed 1.620 ounces avoirdupois or 45.93 grams.

•    The size or diameter should be at least 1.680 inches or 42.67 millimeters.

•   The ball should have a spherical symmetry. USGA does not allow any deviations from the standard sphere.

•    The ball’s initial velocity should be within the limit specifications set by USGA.

•  The carry and roll of golf balls should be within the specified distance set for certain conditions according to the USGA guidelines.

Why all these limits and standards? These guidelines help limit technological advancements that can be incorporated into ball construction and design.


The dimples are the most striking feature of a golf ball.  These affect how well the balls soar across the air. These dimples contribute 40% to the distance that a ball travels once it is hit; the rest is affected by the spin. How deep the dimples are affects the trajectory. Years of design trial and error have determined that the best performance of golf balls is attained with 350 to 450 dimples on the surface. Balls with more than 500 dimples are no longer certified for golf.

The use of dimples is actually an accidental discovery. Early golfers used smooth balls and regularly dent them with their clubs the longer they play. They noticed that the dented balls fly better than the smooth ones.

The main purpose of the dimples is to reduce air resistance or drag. The complicated physics of this matter is that there are different layers in the air. There is a layer where air molecules are not moving. A ball with a smooth surface would experience the most drag once it hits this layer. It would be like hitting a ball and when it reaches this layer, it’s like travelling through a layer of jelly. Now with a dimpled surface, it’s a different matter. The dimples on the surface cause the air molecules to move. When the ball travels through the air, the molecules hit the dimpled surface and slide into and out of the dimples sort of like a person going down a water slide. This helps to mobilize the air molecules and at the same time propels the ball faster.

Dimples also come in 2 basic designs. There are the smooth, rounded dimples and the hexagonal ones. Numerous researches and actual golfers’ experiences show that the hexagonal dimples have much better performance than the rounded ones.

There are so many complicated physics and aerodynamics that influence the structure of golf balls. This is not just a game of hitting balls across the putting green, nor is the ball simply a ball.

29 DecEssential Everyday Use of Neck Lanyards

Neck lanyards have been widely known as ID holders for a long time. They are frequently used in schools, offices and conventions or seminars. Unlike sticker tags that easily get ripped or crumble when they get wet, or clip-on tags that often damage clothing, neck lanyards when primarily used as ID holders are convenient and more durable – not to mention, a great marketing strategy. A lanyard does not only hold your name, it also holds the name of the company you represent. Nowadays, lanyards serve not only as IDs, keycards, or badge holders. With the right attachment hook, they are repurposed for other uses.

Neck lanyardsSome people oftentimes lose track or misplace of small items that are important to them like keys and thumb drives without meaning to. Using neck lanyards as a key holder or attaching the thumb drive to them and hanging them somewhere easy to spot will decrease the chances of losing the items; so no matter what situation you are in, you can easily grab them as you go.

Companies often require their employees to wear official neck lanyards to enforce company branding and unity. More often than not, it is also required for additional security measures. This helps in preventing uninvited guests or unauthorized persons from entering the office premises.

When you travel often, lanyards are the best way to keep your money, credit cards, tickets, and other travel essentials close to you, especially when you are carrying bags on both hands. This is also helpful for people who have poor memory like the senior citizens since it is very much hard to miss something that is hanging around your neck.

Your gadgets are also important, right? And you need them almost all the time like your cellphones, or when you are into photography, your camera. Attach your gadgets to your lanyards and place them around your neck as you leave your home. Keeping these items close to you especially in crowded areas will make you feel confident about not losing them since they’re right in front of you. Still, do make sure that you keep an eye on your gadgets.

Students or reporters can use lanyards to hang their pens. In addition, with the right accessory, they can even carry their notepads for taking down quick notes. This is easier than to rummage in your bag for a piece of paper and a pen, which is sometimes stuck at the bottom corner of your knapsack or shoulder bag.

Items like stopwatches, timers and whistles are usually attached to a lanyard when used by coaches, trainers and referees during a game of any sport. It is more convenient to hang them loosely by the chest than in the pocket, especially when quick movement and decisions are expected.

Even without the extra attachments at the end of the lanyard, it can still be used to hold eyeglasses or shades. Attach a pin on the material to share a message, a slogan, or an advocacy. You can also easily pass your message across when you have some text you want imprinted on your lanyard. Moreover, with different colors and designs, wearing it around your neck is like having an accessory that can match your outfit whether you are donning corporate attire or a simple shirt and jeans.

Lanyards are simple; by any means, they are not extravagant. However, utilizing them is easy. They do not have to be used as just an ID holder. The convenience brought by lanyards makes them popular; so, one can say that this simple creation makes people’s daily life a little bit easier.

27 DecChallenge Coins and their Various Functions

Challenge coins are also known by other names such as memorial coins, collector coins, commander coins, unit coins and military coins. However, no matter how you want to call them, these coins can still bring a lot of wonderful things to members of the military. These items carry a great deal of importance not only to military people but also to anyone who appreciates and recognizes all the things that these brave people do for the country.

Military coins have a wide number of uses in not only the military but also in other groups and organizations. They are most commonly used as an identification tool of military branches and units. With the help of these coins, you can easily distinguish one unit from another. They bring a sense of belonging to soldiers as they help to identify immediately the affiliation of a military member with the elements they possess.

Challenge coinsThey also signify the commitment, hard work and efforts shown by selfless military members. They can also symbolize the honor and pride that soldiers have, as they are able to offer their genuine service for their fellow citizens and for the entire country. The bravery, camaraderie and strong bonds built by members of the military are also other things that these challenge coins represent.

The use of military coins is believed to have originated during the First World War. By that time, air warfare was a new strategy used in battles. The Army created flying squadrons in order to fight efficiently against the opposing forces. Most of the volunteer pilots who joined the flying squadrons were rich students from the Ivy League Schools. They left their studies so that they can give their service to the military and fight for the safety and freedom of the country. These volunteer squadron pilots were impressed with not only the new warfare strategy but also with the bond and camaraderie that they were able to build with their fellow squadron pilots.

One of the rich volunteer squadron pilots found the air warfare method impressive but he was even more impressed with everything he experienced during the mission. He was also able to enhance his bond with his fellow squadron pilots. He put so much value to the times he spent together with other pilots in the squadron. Because of this, he distributed gold-plated bronze coins to his fellow pilots as a token of their strong bonds.

These coins had the insignia of their squadron on them. They were also believed to be quite expensive. From that point, the use of military coins has become extremely popular. These days, challenge coins are not only used to represent the bonds built by soldiers who work together on missions but they are also a great way to appreciate the hard work and effort shown by members of the military and other organizations.

Today, challenge coins can be considered as useful items that can be seen in almost any field in the society. Many groups and organizations, be it public or private, make use of these coins as an effective motivational and promotional tool. By awarding these coins to deserving members of any organization or club, the leader will be able to elevate the morale of the members. Nevertheless, these coins are an excellent means of recognizing the efforts, perseverance and determination of organization members. They are also a great way to motivate members to work harder and perform better.

Challenge coins can also be used in fundraising events. The proceeds of the projects can be used to support a worthy cause such as social, health, and environmental issues. The many advantages that can be enjoyed due to the use of these coins only go to show that these items are no longer only a part of the military; they have become of relevance to every citizen of the country.

We can recreate your corporate logo, symbol or text in stunning detail. Whatever style you need, we can supply custom challenge coins to meet it.

26 DecConvenience and Security Benefits Offered by Neck Lanyards

While neck lanyards are great for holding small items such as keys, cell phones and ID cards, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that they can also be used to add to your security. These simple yet extremely functional items can be used in various organizations such as schools and business enterprises as identification tools. They can also serve as identification and security tools for events. Essentially, they are an effective way of identifying easily the people around the area. These lanyards are also useful in discouraging any unwanted incidents.

Neck LanyardsThe use of these lanyards contributes greatly in maintaining the security of people within a certain area. They provide an easy and quick access to the ID cards of anyone who needs to present his or her identity to an individual in authority. The strap color of the lanyard alone will help you identify immediately the person wearing the item as lanyards usually represent the group of the wearer. These lanyards also provide a good level of convenience as they are just worn around the neck. You can conveniently slip the lanyard on or off and you can give them to a person in authority for a close look.

Neck lanyards can also be used easily when you have to make use of key cards when gaining access to a certain area. In fact, these lanyards offer a higher level of convenience than pockets or handbags. When you place your keys or ID cards in your pocket or handbag, you need to do some digging just to get the items. This is truly inconvenient especially when you are in a hurry. On the other hand, the use of a neck lanyard does not only give you easy and quick access to the things you use most of the time, but it also leaves your hands free. This means that you can still attend to other important tasks instead of just holding your keys or cell phone.

Neck lanyards also boost your safety and security, as they are typically loaded with a breakaway feature. The rubber tube that is seen on the lanyards functions as a safety feature as it breaks off the lanyard when it is forcefully pulled on. This special feature is highly vital if you are working near machines where the lanyards can be caught.

Neck lanyards can be used for all types of your ID requirement. You can surely find a neck lanyard that fits your ID card perfectly. These days, there is a wide range of options to choose from. You can opt for the items that come in neutral colors as they can match any color shade. If you want to achieve a stylish look, then you can go with the lanyards that come in loud and attractive colors. Essentially, the look, quality and functionality of the lanyards depend on the choices you make. Only one thing is for sure and it is the fact that these simple accessories offer a wide range of advantages in terms of security and convenience.

When looking for high quality neck lanyards, it is highly essential to consider some factors which include the type of materials used. The most recommended materials used for lanyards include nylon and even metal. These materials will surely last a long time and provide you with the convenience and security you need. Nylon is a great material as it offers a bright surface, which makes it stand out among any other material. Another factor to consider is your specific application. If you intend to use the lanyard regularly, then you obviously have to look for the items, which are made of sturdy materials such as polyester and woven materials.

With the plethora of options in terms of style, color and materials, it would be easy for you to find the products that offer superior convenience and security.